Order Cancellation

You can cancel your order within 12 hours of ordering or before the item has been dispatched from our warehouse. Please call our customer care number to inform of any cancellation request. 

Product Return

Our return policy lasts for 10 days from the day the customer receives the product. If 10 days have gone by since you received your order, unfortunately, you won't be eligible to return the product. 

To be eligible for a return, your item must be undamaged and unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original outer packaging box, main device along with all accessories, tags and labels. In absence of these return/replacement won't be processed.

  • A nominal processing charge (including but not limited to COD collection, forward shipping and bank or PG charges) are applicable based on the product value and product size. Exact charges will be communicated at the time of refund by our customer support executive.
  • Refund if approved will be processed through either NEFT OR other online methods in 8-10 working days after receiving the product by our QA team.
  • To complete your return, we require the invoice or valid proof of purchase, Order ID/Reference ID or any other information deemed necessary to ascertain the authenticity of your claim. 
  • Reverse pick might be available in select pin codes or locations. In case reverse pick is not possible, the customer will have to bear the charges for shipping the product back. The charges may be reimbursed depending on the resolution provided by customer care team. 
  • Please do not send your product back to the courier company without confirmation from our customer care team.

Refund Policy

Refund of a product is allowed only under the following circumstances

  • A customer can ask for a refund if the specification of product received is not as per the specifications mentioned in the product page on the website. This will only cover physical parameters or features and functionality on the device mentioned on the website. 
  • Performance or all other non physical issues will not be eligible for refund if device works within acceptable deviation limits from stated values on website; except when determined by customer care team or basis investigation by our QA team
  • No refund will be entertained if there is a physical damage ( and it is not notified within 24 hours of receiving the product) or signs of misuse or intentional abuse by customer
  • The amount may be refunded after deducting the applicable bank, forward delivery charges, reverse pick up or other additional charges informed by customer care team. 
  • In case you received a freebie along with your product, upon refund price of freebie will be deducted, if you do not handover the full order. The price of freebie will be determined by shopevolves. 
  • No refund will be entertained for subjective issues in non-defective product. 

Replacement Policy

Replacement of a product is allowed only under the following circumstances:

  • The customer may request replacement of the product unit received within 10 days from the date of delivery. 
  • Replacement will be approved only if the customer establishes that the product delivered is defective condition (not working or dead on arrival) or has physical damage within 24 hours of receipt of the product.
  • In case of receipt of damaged or defective items or missing items please report the same to our customer care team within 24 hours of receiving the item.
  • If you feel the product is not as per description on website, or additional information needs to be provided, please contact us via customer care number or drop us an email for change or update in product description. 
  • A product will not be replaced under the following circumstances:
    • Customer is unhappy with the look/quality of a defect free product
    • Physical damage not notified within 24 hours of receiving the product
    • Any damage accidental/intentional caused by user
    • Performance issue or use of device (smartwatch) in comparison with any medical equipment or not done as per required test conditions. 

All issues apart from this will be covered as per the product warranty policy. 


  1. Any purchase made apart from Shopevolves official website are not entitled for any refunds.
  2. Products won in giveaway/award/referral programs are not covered under above stated warranty by Shopevolves.

To initiate a return or replacement, Please mail us on along with detailed explanation of the issue and proof of purchase (Tax invoice, Order Id/Reference Id).

We will get back to you in 48 working hours.


  • Defects or damage resulting from the use of the product(s) in conjunction or connection with accessories, products not approved by shopevolves.
  • Damage or in-operability caused by repair work performed by the end user or any unauthorized repair center/person.
  • Product packaging that have the serial number, identification label or safety label been removed, defaced or altered.
  • Any software programs, whether provided with the product or installed subsequently.


This warranty does not cover any physical and /or electrical damage resulting from, but not limited to:

  • Accident/neglect
  • Misuse
  • Abuse
  • Malicious destruction
  • Ordinary wear and tear
  • Acts of nature
  • The temporary or permanent affixing of any items supplied or not supplied by the manufacturer with an adhesive, fastener or the like.
  • Overcharging, use of batteries, power supplies or any other sources of power not recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Any physical defect or damage resulting from improper testing, operation, maintenance, installation, service, or adjustment caused not furnished or approved by the manufacturer.

Shopevolves customer service team shall reserve the right to final decision for all potential warranty claims for service and replacement or same color preference (depending upon stock availability).


  • The Limited Warranty starts from the day the customer receives the product.
  • Without a valid proof of purchase, Shopevolves reserves the rights to refuse warranty services.
  • This warranty is non-transferable. This warranty shall be the purchaser’s sole remedy and neither Shopevolves nor its service centers shall be liable for incidental or consequential damage or breach of any expressed or implied warranty of this product.
  • Replacement under the terms of warranty does not provide the right to extension or renewal of the warranty period.
  • Warranty cover will be void, if and when unauthorized service has been attempted by the user or any unauthorized service center/person.
  • Shopevolves products come with 1 year replacement warranty against any manufacturing defects. For door pick up service, a nominal fee to cover the logistics cost is applicable. However, in case of first time replacement, the logistics cost will be waived off and borne by Shopevolves.
  • Shopevolves may use rebuilt, reconditioned or refurbished parts and/or components when replacing a defective product.
  • In case the delivery destination pincode is not-serviceable by our logistics partner, shipping charges must be handled by the buyer.